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Looking for the right neighborhood in DC

Hello! We are a couple (hispanic/causian)  with two small children 4 and 8.  Looking to move to DC due to job transfer to Bethesda, currently live in MD.
We are hoping that you could help us out to narrow our seach,here is what we are looking for:
Up to $650K
4 bedrooms
Good schools
Close to metro
Able to walk to restaurants, bars, stores etc
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much!!!

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I’ve probably recommended her several times now on PoPville, but I highly suggest Jennifer Meyers. She was our real estate agent when we bought a house near Capitol Hill last year, and she is so knowledgable about DC. She also really helped us narrow down our locations based on our specific needs. Good luck!

To be honest, to find a 4 BR, with good DCPS, you would like to be west of the park. Not certain $650 gets a 4BR anywhere west of the park though. Just doing some looking, it looks like Shepherd Park is actually quite good. This means being north of Alaska Avenue. If you can buy up here, your kids would go to Shepherd Elementary, and then to Deal Middle School in Tenleytown. Both are good. The assigned HS is Coolidge, so you would need to find a charter, or hopefully it improves by then, but that is a long time from now.
Other options are Barnard ES. This is the best ES in Petworth, which to get a 4br, is ultimately where you are probably going to have to be. Easy drive to Bethesda, which is where I commute to daily from Petworth.

650K is not going to get you a four bedroom anywhere near a decent school in DC or anywhere within walking distance to bars and other nice things. DC real estate is very disappointing. If you want to compromise on the school district then Petworth will be a good bet for you, still going through a transformation this neighbourhood has a few small bars, a brand new safeway going up, close to silver spring and lots of young families are moving to this neighbourhood, you’ll have to get your children into charter schools. 
If you can afford 1.2 million plus in budget, look for west of the park you may get all three things you are looking for.
PS- I wouldn’t necessarily advertise your race. It shouldn’t matter in modern America.


I would recommend getting into the charter school lottery and see what happens – that would broaden your house search significantly.

There are currently 66 houses on the market in NW Washington west of Rock Creek Park ranging in price from $729,000 to over $15 million.  You might want to try looking in some close in Maryland neighborhoods like Rosemary Hills or Woodside Forest which I think both feed into Bethesda Chevy Chase H.S.  There’s a 4 br house in Woodside right now for $625,000.

You should consider entering the schools lottery for both DC Public Schools and the DC Public Charter Schools.
That could help determine where you should buy.  You’ll know results by the beginning of April and house hunt now, and hopefully buy once you get your lottery results.
I also second those who suggest Shepherd Park.  Petworth and 16th Street Heights may also serve your needs.

I live in BROOKLAND, and love it! I have seen many families in the area. There are many large 4 bedroom houses in the area going for the $500K – $650K price range and also a new community, Chancelors Row, with 4 story townhomes with 3-4 bedrooms starting at around $600K. We are on the red line, and have a couple restaurants/ bars including a Cuban place, and Tex-Mex style. Commute to Bethesda may be fairly easy taking Military Rd (driving), red line in a loop, or the cross city buses (H 2, 3, 4) to Tenleytown, then transfering to a 30’s series bus. The neighborhood holds many social events such as monthly “neighborhood” happy hours, the home and garden tour, Brookland neighborhood yard sale, and a couple others. There are many neighborhood schools, and Charter schools in the neighborhood (including a Chinese charter school that teaches English and Chinese concurrently) and you can contact DCPS for the citywide schools report to make the decision of which school is right for your family. Good luck with your housing search! I hope you find the place thats right for you, whether its Brookland, or anywhere else!

i recomend silver spring neighborhoods which feed into bethesda chevy chase high school…best bang for the buck in the dc area by far. 

Urban Turf has a piece today on $650,000 properties in DC.

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