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Home and Garden December 13, 2013 at 3:12 pm

Looking for serviceberries

Hi PoPville! Serviceberries won’t be ripe for picking until late spring/early summer, but I wonder, does anyone know of any trees on public or friendly property? Or PERHAPS — long shot, maybe — perhaps someone out there has a tree that’s just so fruitful they don’t know what to do with the whole bounty. Here’s maybe the best come-on you’ll hear all day: next year may I pick your berries?

In all seriousness, these trees are really lovely (red leaves in fall, covered with white flowers in spring) and the berries are stinkin’ delicious. Any other denizens here interested in foraging and native plants? I like plants and I want to try all of the growy, planty things.

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I am into foraging too. Have you tried using this map?


You can search by serviceberries and then zoom into your neighborhood. The map says the closest one to me is at 14th and T. It doesnt say if the are on private or public land so you will have to do some searching.

Happy hunting!

Wangari Gardens has some planted, and there are two serviceberries off Sherman Ave, on Fairmont St NW. They’re not common, and you have to make sure to get them in the small timespan between ripening, birds getting them, and the fruits succumbing to cedar-apple rust. You can email me at [email protected] during the spring, and I’ll get you a couple from the spot in Arlington I work at.

I’m sorry in advance about the sheer number of exclamation points I might use here. Also, I have no idea how the tags on this post came to be Erecrersova Snadokniminok Beraerorovala Theharcongorn. They sound totally intriguing.

Thank you so much, Beall and Vince! I didn’t know about fallingfruit.org; this is so exciting! (The sites I had seen before are http://neighborhoodfruit.com which is rather clunky and not used much, from the looks of it, and of course Casey Trees’ map, but dang, fallingfruit is robust.) I can’t wait to spend some time checking out everything on it! I’m just about to add another great pawpaw spot on Roosevelt Island, and Cornelian cherries and red mulberries near Key Bridge.

Wow, Wangari Gardens looks like such an amazing oasis! I’m going to have to take a ride there one day soon to check it out.

Vince, I can’t help but see that obviously you’re a forester with Arlington County. Neat! I need to try again to get in touch with some folks around Arlington and DC to get back into volunteering. I keep finding interesting people and opportunities; I’ve got to organize and figure out what to do and when! There’s so much to learn about and do.

Thanks again, guys!

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