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Topic: Looking for pop up workshop space in Petworth or nearby

Real Estate November 3, 2013 at 12:23 pm

Looking for pop up workshop space in Petworth or nearby

Hey all, I have a small motorcycle repair and customization business and I’m losing my current space in January. I operate out of a 200sq ft metal building located in an alley near DuPont Circle. Would love to find something similar – basically just need a yard/lot/open space to set up in, a bay in an underutilized auto shop, parking garage or whatever I can find. Would need an electrical hookup for lights. I’m pretty flexible, and considering the nature of the business, actually quite quiet and low impact. No air wrenches, maybe a couple of customers per day max, and me and my assistant working on bikes. With that said, I need a space where this business would be welcome and not a nuisance. I would also need a guarantee for Jan 1 till June 1. Any ideas or people to talk to?

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1.) Pop in to Annie’s Hardware on Upshur St. NW (between 13th St. & Kansas NW). Talk to them. She seems to have some flex space that a bicycle repair organizations uses (was using?). In addition, she may have recommendations.

2.) Pop in to the Custom Cabinet business on Taylor St NW between 13th St & Kansas NW (so one block south of Annie’s hardware). They are one business in a larger group of retail. Not all of that space is occupied. Also, the Cabinet company seems to be “in the know” about the space (not sure if they own it). Potentially I could see them being in to the idea or knowing of someone who could help.

3.) Ooh! There also might be some space in the buildings associated with the new Geico Ins.; Body Shop repair. That sits on 13th St. NW spanning both Upshur (north side) and Taylor (south side).

In that general vicinity you may find options. There is an abandoned building next to the Shell Gas Station and sort of behind the Yes! Organic Market on Kansas St NW (sort of between where Taylor and Upshur connect with Kansas). It used to be an auto body paint shop and so sits vacant due to contamination issues. You might also try to run that down. The owner might be in to making limited use of part of the space or just the parking lot.

Good luck!

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