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Recreation and Sports March 27, 2012 at 8:01 pm

Looking for north-Petworth area running group or running buddies…


Would love to find a running group or running buddies that are convenient to home! I live on one of the northernmost blocks in Petworth (Jefferson St NW).
I’ve trained for years with a great group, but getting to early-morning or after-work group runs in northern VA has become too complicated, since I don’t have a car. I’m familiar with the running groups at local running stores, and while I think that those are cool as well, I’d love to find some one or ones who’d be interested in meeting somewhere within walking distance, here in the ‘worth (or the ‘wood, as in Brightwood, or anywhere else reasonably close).
Open to early mornings or evenings after work and really flexible on schedule. Would prefer company for 5-10 milers at a relaxed pace (9-12 mins per mile is fine). I’m a somewhat experienced distance runner, but I’ve taken the last 18 months off, so I’m just getting back into shape for a half marathon. Again, I’m willing to be flexible on distances and pace–I’d really just love some company!

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This is great!  I also live on Jefferson and would love a running group/buddy.  The complicating issue is that I’m 7 months pregnant, so I could go on a few shorter runs now, but would need to save any longer runs for later this summer (August?).  I think I’m still between a 9-10 minute pace.  Let me know if you’re up for a shorter run- my email is cpcrouse at gmail

Hey there! I’d love some Petworth running buddies! I’m an 11-12 min/mile distance runner, and haven’t been doing much shorter distance lately, but in theory I used to be able to hang out around 10 min/mile under 5 miles 🙂 My work schedule is about to change in a week, so hard to say on timing now but before or after work is fine with me too. I live near 3rd & Varnum.
Also, I do occasionally run with Back on My Feet, as they have a Petworth location (http://dc.backonmyfeet.org/la-casa.html) in case you’re looking for a more local group to tag along with!
Is there a way to message folks on here, or do we just need to publicly post our emails in order to connect offline??

I usually run an out and back course to U st. Which is 5.5 miles from my start on New Hampshire & Farragut. I haven’t run with any groups but would be interested in getting together with some folks in the ‘hood to keep me motivated. Feel free to contact me @ cabralta (at) gmail [dot] com.


i’d also be interested. i’m moving to brightwood in a month so would love the company as well as the chance to meet new neighbors! as patti asked – is there a way to message through here or do we need to pass along emails to connect offline?

I’m down.  I live on 3rd and Gallatin and have been wanting to get involved with a running group in the area.  This is great!


Great to hear so much enthusiasm! I’m thinking that, perhaps to start, we can schedule one longer run on either Saturday or Sunday morning and 2 shorter runs during the week. I already have e-mail addresses for equidistance and cabralta, but if others could e-mail me at gmail (I’m mollie (dot) mulvanity), I can send out an e-mail with our first week’s schedule. Thinking a Sunday morning 7 miler this week (since Saturday is supposed to be rainy) and 3-4 miles each on Tuesday and Wednesday after work… But feel free to state other preferences in terms of day, time, or distance when you e-mail me! I’ll send an e-mail to everyone by Saturday with a schedule and meeting place for our first few runs.
Very excited!

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