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Travel and Transportation August 17, 2012 at 8:51 am

Looking for Lawyer for minor traffic violation

While my sister was visiting me this past weekend she got a ticket for running a red light on 16th NW. To avoid increased insurance rates, she would like to right it. Can anyone recommend a lawyer to represent us? She goes to school in California and can’t represent herself in court.
Thank you!

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Just a couple of points.
A. Not even certain you can use a lawyer for these? It is not criminal like a speeding ticket.
B. No points on your license, so I am not certain her california insurance would even see this
C. It will cost a lot, to fight a $100ish ticket, that you can likely fight just as well via mail. Not certain what defense a lawyer could present, that you can’t present via the mail in adjudication process.
D. If they have a picture of her in the intersection, with it red, it sounds like she ran the red light. Doubt even a lawyer could get it thrown out.

What Kyle-W said in item D — my understanding had been that it was almost impossible to get a ticket from a red-light camera or speed camera overturned.

Is this ticket from a red light camera, or was she stopped by a real live police officer?

If the ticket was from a camera, no points are issued, it will not appear on her driving record, and it will not affect her insurance rates.

If it was from an officer, then that’s different. Points are issued, it will go on her insurance record, and it probably will affect her insurance rates.

Whatever the case, I like to walk on 16th Street. Please ask your sister to kindly refrain from running red lights when she comes to visit you.

I’m with Kyle and haileunlikely on this one. I wouldn’t waste a dime on getting a lawyer if it was a camera, pay the ticket and be on your way. Remember, camera tickets aren’t about safety, they are about collecting money!

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