Looking for hair/makeup artist recommendations for a wedding

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Topic: Looking for hair/makeup artist recommendations for a wedding

PoPville April 19, 2012 at 8:09 am

Looking for hair/makeup artist recommendations for a wedding

I’m looking for recommendations on hair and makeup artists for my upcoming wedding. Anyone have a team they loved that didn’t cost an arm and a leg?

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Try Carola Myers at http://www.carolamyers.blogspot.com/


Salon Roi on Connecticut at Calvert in the Marilyn Monroe building.  I had my hair done there for my wedding in September.  My bridesmaids all did too.  My hair was around $90 and theirs around $70.  The people are great and the building was so beautiful we went back and took some pictures in my dress!

I had mine done by my stylist at VSL who I have been with 10+years, and set up appointments for anyone else who wanted their hair done based on her recs for what they wanted (blowout, grandma hair, etc). No one spent over $50.  Same thing with Blue Mercury with makeup.  Easy-peasy and then other than you everyone else can chose to participate or not. 
Personally, I would never have wanted someone other than the person who normally does my hair doing it for my wedding.  My wedding was a block away, so the salon was easy, but you could ask if your normal stylist can do it at another location if that would be better for you.

I used Flami from FYUBI makeup studio – she came to the hotel. Anyone (hair/makeup) that comes to your location will cost more, so if you’re willing to go to them Flami works out of Last Tangle Salon at 19th and M and I LOVE her.
For hair, I used Christophe from St Germaine and he was fantastic.

I had no wedding party, so they all worked with me on cost and even makeup a girlfriend who was there helping me get dressed just because.

I used Amanda Moran (hair) and Tracey Madorma (makeup) for my wedding in May 2009 and they did a great job. They work as a team, or at least they did at the time. They will actually come to your house, so you don’t have to worry about traveling anywhere on the big day.

I used Sarah Bombard from Premiere Makeup back in ’08. She came to the hotel and did me, the bridesmaids and my mom. My husband still talks about how pretty I looked with makeup (I rarely wear more than lip gloss)!

Hair by Jules – http://www.hairbyjewels.com did my and my bridesmaids’ hair and we were very pleased. She’s lovely and can do a bunch of styles.  Really fun to have around too!  Kim Reyes (http://www.kimreyesmakeup.com/#/?g=1) did our makeup and it looked very natural – like ourselves, but better!

Second Julie at Hair by Jewels, she is young and keeps up with all of the trends!  She does amazing sexy catwalk looks and did mine with extensions that she made herself so my hair looked so full and beautiful! 

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