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Real Estate June 21, 2015 at 8:10 am

Looking for examples of well-done pop ups



My husband and I are looking to expand our row home by adding a third floor, and are curious as to whether any readers have examples of pop-ups they feel are particularly well done. For context, we live along a busy street and are zoned C-2-A. Our home is currently two stories, and there are already a couple third floor additions on our block (all done by residents). One of our immediate neighbors will also be adding a third floor in the next 3-5 years.

We love our home’s rich history, and want the addition to blend in to our home and block as much as possible. With more neighbors exploring third floor additions on our block, we want to help set a high standard for the area in terms of design and visual integration for the area. The intent is that we would live in the top two floors, and rent out the ground level unit for rental income. We have no intent on moving, and want an addition designed and built to integrate and last. Unfortunately, most of the examples of pop-ups we’ve seen posted here have been subjects of debate and ridicule. That’s exactly what we are looking to avoid!

We plan on meeting with various architects in the coming weeks, and do plan on giving our neighbors a chance to weigh in on exterior design. But are there any examples of pop-ups that readers feel are particularly well done to help guide our thoughts in these initial stages?


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