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Home and Garden March 28, 2012 at 3:12 pm

Looking for Compost

I’m digging up my backyard this weekend for a tomato/eggplant/pepper plot and looking for cheap compost (going all organic this year). I hate to pay for it, but I definitely don’t have enough in my bin for these purposes.
Any suggestions of where to get it for cheap, in or near DC? I would definitely prefer to buy it bagged as I don’t need a whole truckload, nor do I have a truck… or a place for a load to be dumped (har har).
I also hope this is helpful to the other gardeners out there looking to get things in shape before our last frost date! Thanks, popville–you’re the best.  -b

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I recommend using leafgro – sold both in bags and bulk. I don’t know that it’s cheap but I’ve used it for years with good results.

The garbage dump in Charles County, MD, just south of Waldorf has HUGE piles of free compost for the taking. You can take it by the truckful

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