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Life and Society January 15, 2012 at 1:45 pm

Looking for a kick ass dentist and doctor

I just got a new job and am looking for a kick ass dentist and doctor to go with my PPO insurance.  I know that “kick ass” may be relative, but here are a few must-haves:
* S/he should be smart
* S/he should have excellent bedside manner
* S/he should be awesome
* S/he should approach health with an integrative approach, doesn’t overly prescribe, acknowledges the importance of diet and mental health, and is open to alternative approaches (I would love to find an MD who practices Eastern medicine or work with a great time; as for the dentist, I don’t mind going a little more traditional). 
* S/he should ask great questions and be a good listener
* S/he should be the type of person you would want to have a beer with after work. Or at least kombucha. Or something. 
* Also a bonus: having a nice office near Columbia Heights/Pleasant Plains.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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I like Dr. Robinson at Watergate Dental and Dr. Osborn (who formerly worked on Capitol Hill but is starting her her own practice downtown).  I’ve never asked them about alternative medicine but I think they’re both really nice and spend a fair amount of time with me at appointments.  I’ve heard good things about Dr. Rashbaum (primary care, also downtown) but he doesn’t take my insurance. 


For internist, David Patterson.  He does not take insurance.  He is in the circle of great physicians who all know each other.  As far as dentist: Dennis Milliron, but I do not think he takes new patients.

A coworker and I see the same dentist and think he’s great: Dr. Charles Porvaznik at 2021 K Street NW, Suite 720, (202) 331-7474.

For a dentist … check out Dr. Lisa Brady — she even takes insurance, which many do not in DC … as for a doctor check out Dr. Michael West … he is my endocrinologist and treats my thyroid and diabetes … awesome doc … very friendly person … and his staff and office are “kick ass” … see here … http://www.washingtonendocrineclinic.com

I too give the recommendation of Dr. Jessica Osborne (formerly of Cap Hill).

As far as dentist I love Dr. Helig on 18th and Eye St NW. 202-467-5553. i’ve been with him for over 10 yrs, he is an advocate for good general dental hygiene and care and won’t try to sell you the cosmetic stuff (unless you want it).

Sharmon Johnson downtown.

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