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Home and Garden May 4, 2012 at 9:31 am

Looking for a good seamstress/sewer

I have some fabric that I’d like to turn into pillow covers. Does anyone know of a good, reasonably priced sewer who could help me out with this? I’m thinking this would also probably be a straighforward project for someone who knew their way around a sewing machine.

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Good morning! I can make you some pillow covers very easily. I’m not sure how to send you my info without it being completely public though… I think the price of making them would depend on how difficult the fabric was to work with but we could discuss a price though. 


I have had the lady at Mt. Pleasant Cleaners do some alterations for me, and I’ve been super happy with the results.  I bet she could do pillowcases!  

R20001, I can probably do the slipcover. I’ve been wanting to do one for my IKEA couch too. I’ll just put my email up and you can email me. It’s lrw535s @ gmail.com. 
Best, Lisa

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