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Life and Society July 29, 2012 at 4:37 pm

Looking for a GOOD OB/Gyn.

Any recommendations?

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Lorri Picco (Capitol Women’s Care). 

I went to Picco for awhile but I felt like I was in a pit stop of Formula One/NASCAR so I stopped.  She’s a great doctor though.


I found mine by calling the referall line at WHC.  (used to go to one at Columbia Hospital for Women, but she went to the burbs when they closed.)
Anyhow, I’ve done well with their referrals.  And I recommend my gyn, Ellen Whitaker, at the Hospital Center, 202-877-6935.

Dr Steven Maynard at Georgetown. I’ve been going to him for a couple of years. the appt never feels rushed, and he really listens to you. Very thoughtful treatment approach.

I’ve seen Sharon, the PA at Reiter, Hill and Johnson in FH, for years now and I heart her.  She seems to be much easier to get an appt with than the MDs.

I have also heard only good things about the doctors and PAs at Reiter, Hill, Johnson & Nevin.

I love Dr. Brendan Burke in Bethesda (he delivers at Sibley). He is unfazed by fertility issues that have stumped other doctors, takes the time to talk to you, answers phone call questions about medication and is just a fantastic person. He only takes United Healthcare, but I like him so much I used to pay out of pocket until my office switched to United.

Elizabeth Chahine with the Washington Women’s Health Center (extension office of the washington hospital network) is really great. No BS, gets the job done, doesn’t get into unnecessary topics or tries to sell you on anything. She’s super nice and is in a convenient location in Foggy Bottom.

Capital Women’s Care

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