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Life and Society April 10, 2012 at 11:28 am

Looking for a cat-finder: Altruism FAIL

I found this sign on Kenyon on that long block between Georgia and Warder. The poster might have had some helpful intentions–but some serious lack of contact info ruins the gesture. I want that kitty to find a good home, and someone who doesn’t leave contact info is probably not the best person–maybe they’ll forget to clean the litter box, or accidentally leave the cat in the blender one night? I fear for that kitten’s life! If you know the cat-finder, can you tell him/her to add his/her phone number/e-mail to the poster(s) so people can contact him/her to claim the kitty?

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The sign reads to me that the person is just posting a notice that they have seen a lost kitten in the area and is suggesting that if someone in the neighborhood is missing a cat – to check around the 600 block of Irving street – not that they have taken the cat in.

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