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Long-term storage unit?

I’m moving abroad for 2 years and would like to find a long-term storage unit within driving distance of DC. It would be for some small furniture and boxes, not much, and doesn’t necessarily need to be climate controlled or anything. Does anyone have a recommendation for a cheap, clean, storage facility? 

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Ah, I just went through looking up storage places.  All the reviews on Yelp for local storage facilities are pretty terrible. I ended up going with Public Storage near Pentagon City in Arlington, right off 395.  Pros: long hours, climate controlled, easy to drive to.  Cons: the place is flithy – there’s flies, cobwebs, birds, and spiders eveywhere.  Also they don’t use metal doors on their units, it’s just drywall or something. 
I looked into the Extra Storage Space on U Street & 15th NW but their hours are very inconvenient, and their units are expensive and not climate controlled. 
There were several storage places out in Bethesda that seemed nice, but the location was too far for me.
I only have to keep my stuff in storage for a few months so I’m OK with Public Storage for now. However if you need a unit for a few years I would not recommend them.  Definitely look into the storage places in Bethesda.

The Public Storage location in Old Town Alexandria is very well-run, and worked well for me for four months. Climate controlled, good hours, and the staff is competent.
The U-Store on New York Ave NE is also relatively cheap, I used it for a month. Not climate controlled, but worked for me while I stored all of my belongings for a month.
With either one, I think it’s good practice to have a friend stop by every so often to make sure everything is in order, but that’s just personal preference.

You should check out Zippy Shell. They’re located in Rockville MD. They will bring a portable storage container to your home, you can load it up at your leisure, and call them when it’s full and they’ll pick it up. Then it’s stored in a secure facility as long as you need it to. Their website is at http://www.zippyshell.com/shells4you/.

Calverton Self Storage in Manassass – I used them when I was in Thailand.  Safe, clean, secure, inexpensive – located off 66W.  Nothing was rat chewed, no spiders, etc. Good luck with your move!

I used Extra Space Storage, 12030 Parklawn Dr, Rockville, MD for many year (too many, should have trashed that junk!) but it was very clean (I never saw any insects or rats). Put old sheets or some sort of cover over stuff to keep dust off (wherever you go).

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