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Public Safety September 11, 2012 at 6:33 pm

Local Police / Fire / Rescue Donations

I constantly get calls on my business phone line for various police, fire & rescue organizations soliciting donations. I made a small donation some years ago to what I thought was a my local police department but I’m really not so sure. Now all these organizations seem to have my information. I don’t have any problem with a small donation, but I want it to be locally. Some of these calls may be legit, but I haven’t donated in a while because some seem sketchy. Do others just blow off these solicitations and donate directly, if so, to whom?

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They way I usually handle this is I tell them that I am interested, but I need to talk to people about it and ask if they have a local contact.  I also tell them that once I’ve talked to the folks I need to talk to, I can send the donation and tell them it was solicited by the caller so that they can get the credit for it if they need it.  Then I check to see if the address or phone # they’ve given me is actually to the police/fire/rescue/school they said it was.

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