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Local Artist/Gallery Recommendations

I’m on the prowl for an original piece (painting, but open to other media) for a large wall in my living room. Stylistically, I’m not ultra modern but open beyond that. Anyone have any favorite artists or galleries they’d recommend checking out?

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Hemphill on 14th or Hamiltonian on U St. There are scores of others also. It all depends on price and style.

Hi Amber!

Thanks to DCWS for recommending Hamiltonian- my name is Amanda I’m the Gallery Director. Drop me a line so we can get more specific about what you’re looking for. Please call 202 332 1116 to follow up.

The Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery on 17th and U has some great stuff and is constantly rotating styles and artists. It’s also a nonprofit and half of the proceeds go to cancer support programming.

Art Enables on Rhode Island Ave is a great nonprofit that helps developmentally delayed artists create and sell their own artwork to become self-sufficient. They have some talented artists depending on your tastes (some great abstract painters and one architectural painter that I love). They always have a variety pieces displayed in the workroom area on RIA. They also have a gallery in the basement where they show work from artists outside DC.

My favorite thing about it (other than supporting the cause) is that you can commission anything you want painted. You can choose a painter who’s style you like, ask them to paint personally meaningful to you, and get it in the exact dimensions you need. For commissions, you pay for materials up front but aren’t required to purchase the final product if it’s not what you were hoping for.

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