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General Discussion March 25, 2015 at 2:49 pm

Livable salary in DC?

With the rising living costs in the District, I’m curious what people would consider a “livable” salary in DC. Obviously many factors play into this, but let’s say for a single person.

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One could use the standard that everyone pays about 30% of their income for rent, utilities, and any other REQUIRED utilities to have a roof over one’s head (exclude cable and cell phone, as cable is not a necessity to be factored in, and cell phone bills can run into great amts)

So if one used a Housing cost of say 1300.00 (monthly) X 3 = 3900.00 gross each month;

HUD uses this 30% standard to determine housing costs across American (and it’s applicable to all US residents, regardless of rental assistance, e.g, applicable even to home buyers;

Of course, some pay more than %30.

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