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Lice removal/care question

I am care-taking for a child who has acquired lice and needs help with washing her hair and laundering.  Anyone know what the protocol is so that I don’t get them myself?  My big concern is that the home she lives in is a MESS and laundry etc. is piled all over. I am thinking of advising the family to have a professional service do it for them but thought I would inquire here too (:
Any experiences?

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I don’t have direct experience but have friends who have dealt with this. Unless everyone is the family is treated consistently the child will just keep getting lice again. If the family isn’t willing to take all the measures (and it requires hours per day and lots of vigilance) then I think the best thing you can do is protect yourself and your house and try to help the kid when she’s in your care. As far as how to protect yourself, since the child is in and out of your home you might want to contact a professional for advice. It can help to keep her hair in a tight ponytail and covered with a bandana. No head-to-head hugs and don’t let her sleep on your couch, in your bed, touch her head to the floor, etc. 🙁
I have a friend in NYC who had GREAT luck with a professional nitpicker. The kids ate Oreos and watched movies. First time through got all the lice and nits. She checked the rest of the family for a small additional fee and at the next checkup they were lice-free and have been since then. It wasn’t cheap but it was a far better option for them than spending hours per day sorting through every strand of hair on every person’s head.

I remember a story in the Post about a local woman who is a professional lice/nit-picker.  Could search their archives.

It’s not that big of a deal – use the lice shampoo and the lice comb as directed – usually two days in a row takes care of it. You have to thoroughly wash the linens, pillows, comforters, etc of the lice-bearers room and it would certainly hope to ask them to put away their laundry.  The kid is probably getting it from someone at school – so remind them not to share hats, etc.  And also – make sure to wash that kids hats and jacket. They are not that difficult to get rid of – I’ve had a few bouts while travelling – and never had a problem eliminating them tout suite.

These guys have saved lots of families I know:

Maire is pretty much right. I used to work in kids in a psychiatric hospital back in the day. The lice never stopped. 
What I found is that it is treatable, however it needs to be done throughly otherwise it will have to be done again…. and again… and again. If there is a messy situation in the house adding professional assistance is good, because sometimes the family will be more responsive and the situation more seriously if it is someone who is not close to the family. The problem is some families can’t afford it.
I am not sure where the family that you are trying to help falls. If not treated properly and it is on going for a long period of time,  I believe (but I am not certain) that lice can be classified as child abuse. That may be a way to “inspire” them. This maybe an opportunity to get them “excited” about getting things in order. 
On a side note, the chemicals that you put on your hair for lice is really harsh & can be pricy. For children you can cover the hair shaft completely in mayo, put a shower cap on overnight & wash in the morning. This suffocates the lice. Repreat after eggs that were laid hatch. Mayo stinks, but that’s life.
I’m sure that there are lots of resources on the internet… but the things to keep in mind are … anything that touches their head or comes close to their head needs to be washed on hot or at least put in the dryer…. sheets, clothes, couch (steam clean or vacuum, then spray with lice treatment stuff), coat, car, etc.. My perfance to treat everything like it needs to be cleaned. 
Things are that cleaned should be separated from things that aren’t – ie bag up all the stuff that needs to be washed, then keep all the clean stuff bagged as you treat the space. 
Good luck.

Classifying lice as child abuse would be an incredibly stupid idea – exceptionally harmful to community health. 

Well, I think you need to take good care of your child to prevent head lice. An Average lice give 100 births and you can imagine the disaster yourself. 😛 If you have head lice and you can’t get over it, than try that that’d be very helpful for you. Or there is another and that is getting bald 😀

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