Legality of "free" marijuana with a t-shirt purchase?

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Topic: Legality of "free" marijuana with a t-shirt purchase?

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Legality of "free" marijuana with a t-shirt purchase?

This evening I was walking out of the stores in DC USA in Columbia Heights and a man was soliciting t-shirt purchases, saying, “Free bag of marijuana with the purchase of a t-shirt.” I was under the impression that this is an illegal/ill-advised attempt to circumvent the laws prohibiting sale of pot. Anyone have some insight into this?

This is the second time that I’ve seen this individual outside of the shopping complex, and he seemed to be affiliated with DC Cannabis. Any advice on how to report this kind of activity and have it taken seriously?

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It’s frowned upon, but technically legal. You have a canary’s chance in a coal mine of finding a cop who will give this the time of day.

I actually checked with an officer when I had to stop by my local substation for a visitor parking pass. The first person I spoke with seemed unsure, but after asking another officer, they recommended calling 911 to report next time.

1. Excellent Marketing Hook!
2. Purchase the T-shirt, decline the FREE GIFT (w/purchase)
3. “Running the Numbers” aka neighborhood gambling is illegal, what poor neighborhood anywhere USA isn’t equipped with a “Mom & Pop” General Store,Gambling-Casino, and Numbers Parlor?
Gambling is as much a part of the History,Culture, and Commerce of the U.S. as is the use and cultivation of;
Cannabis sativa (marijuana, pot, weed,grass, reefer,etc variations)
President, George Washington grew (Cannabis Sativa) “Hemp”‘by the Acre.
4. Protestuttion & the solicitation thereof is illegal. Doesn’t stop trade & commerce where the “Worlds Oldest Profession & Surefire means of Raising the Rent” is concerned.

My one & only question being:
“How do his products stand up in Quality and Price?”

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