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Business October 14, 2012 at 12:10 pm

Leather tailor/leather alterations

Hey all, I’m looking for a leather tailor that can take in the waist of a custom-made leather jacket. The jacket came from Europe, so it’s going to be cheaper to get the alterations done here than ship it out again. I don’t care about price or neighborhood as long as they are tested/reputable. I think as far as leather alterations go this is pretty straightforward, so hopefully someone out there knows a place! Thanks in advance!

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I needed to repair a leather jacket we purchased in Italy. We found the perfect guy for the job at Philip’s Shoe Repair, across the street from Domku. He was born in Italy (though he’s been here for 30+ years) and really knows his stuff — did a great job with the jacket. Not the cheapest, of course, but definitely worth it. 
808 Upshur St NW
(202) 726-5762

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