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Schools and Education February 10, 2012 at 2:44 pm

language classes?

Does anyone know a good place in DC to take language classes? Im looking to learn Portuguese 

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There are lots of language programs that I’ve found in D.C., but for my money, the Graduate School above L’Enfant Plaza metro station offers several classes that provided a helpful introduction to my language of choice. The schedule, quality of instruction and class size worked for me and the price was roughly $350. You can find more about it here:
There is also a language program at GW, but anecdotally, my friends have reported unpredictably mixed results there. It is much cheaper ($110, I think, for initial payment) and enrollment is extremely competitive. That said, it seems to support the notion that you get what you pay for.
Clearly, there are more expensive and higher quality classes (Berlitz, etc.), as well as other programs I haven’t listed. You may also have luck with your language and find conversation groups. There are some Meet-up groups that may work for your purposes, including DC Language Lovers. Good luck!


If anyone is interesting in learning online, DC residents can get an Arlington County library card, and they have online language course available via their website. I plan on giving it a try…

I took two terms of Brazilian Portuguese at what was then the “Graduate School USDA” and is now simply the “Graduate School.”  I was a little disappointed with the instructor, who was enthusiastic and friendly but kind of a slacker.  (We never even had a syllabus, and she seemed to be making things up as she went along rather than having any kind of lesson plan in mind.)  Then again, when it comes to learning languages I’m a little hardcore and would actually prefer the rigor of a college-type class… if you’re looking for something relaxed, then this might suit you.

Transemantics/ILI just below Dupont Circle offers lots of language classes. $340 for 10 weeks/2.5 hour classes/9 students max (i think). The classrooms are kind of cramped and the building outdated but still, a pretty good value.

I’m taking a class with the Global Language Network and I’m really liking it so far. Their courses are very interactive and verbal, and are spoken almost entirely in the language, which makes it more effective in my opnion. Currently they offer somewhere around 60 different languages and some at more advanced levels. You pay $175 for 12 classes (2 hours each), but you get $150 of it back if you attend 75% of them. Most of the classes are at their Foggy Bottom location, but a lot of them like the one I’m taking are taught at satellite locations throughout the city.

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