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Other April 22, 2013 at 1:01 pm

Landlord/Tenant Attorney Recommendation


I am working on behalf of my neighbors (longtime Petworth residents) to find an experinced attorney who specializes in landlord/tenant cases.  They are facing eviction at the end of the month and are in desperate need of representation.  They have received very positive feedback from the various free DC tenant advocacy groups.  Unfortunately, they were unable to get representation via DC Lagal Aid.  They are of limited means; however, depending on the strenth of their case, I would be willing to cover the necessary legal costs.

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Georgetown University has a legal clinic/resource center that may be able to at least point them in the right direction. Catholic Charities, and other faith communities, have resources as well. has a directory of attorneys that handle landlord/tenant matters…some do pro bono work; however, there’ll be a lot of calling and repeating the situation to find out who may be willing to help. Also, the DC Office of Aging (I think that’s what it’s called) could help. L/T lawyers in this town are generally very expensive and hard to come by because it’s a very small circle of practitioners.

I recommend Marc Borbely. His practice is devoted solely to representing tenants and he has some alternative payment plans if your neighbor is of limited means. 202-681-6871 or e-mail intake [at]

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