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Home and Garden July 20, 2015 at 12:50 pm

Landlord Nightmare

Hi all, my landlord has been an absolute nightmare since I moved into my place in November, but we have gotten to the last straw. There are now mice is our walls and running through our apartment. We have tried blocking all the holes we can find with bricks and have laid poison and traps, and the problem persists. The landlord refuses to send an exterminator or help in any way, even though the building is in violation of a dozen items in the DC housing code. This morning, she sent me 65 texts detailing “natural ways to get rid of mice” including leaving used, urine-soaked cat litter or snake poop around the house to “deter the pests.” I scheduled an exterminator to come and informed her I will be deducting the cost from our rent check. I am afraid, however, that I will somehow be left on the hook for this, even though it is illegal to have mouse holes and rodents in a tenant’s property. Any advice on dealing with this situation professionally would be appreciated. It is difficult to deal with her because she seems to have some kind of personality disorder and does not respond to interactions in a predictable way. And for anyone who remembers the apt on Cap Hill with the “slumlord” for rent sign – this is that house. Thanks.


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