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Landlord advice

I’m renting out my condo starting next month. Trying to navigate the process of getting a BBL. Does anyone know of a good step by step guide? These sites are making my brain hurt.

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Go down to the DCRA office early in the morning (morning is very important!). Walk up the steps to the second floor and turn left at the top of the steps. (Go to the desk that is usually staffed by a woman, not the gentleman in the bow tie). Tell them you want to fill out the paperwork for a legal rental, and they will help you do this on the computer. You then need to schedule an inspection, but all of this will become evident. It’s not as painful as it appears.

Skip going in person to the office. you can now apply online for the rental license and will get licensed almost immediately, pending inspection to confirm rental requirements. Go to the DCRA website and apply for your rental license:
follow this guide:

Everything you need for the Single family Rental BBL License is there. the fee is $190 payable with credit card.

Once registered, it will provide you the number to call to schedule your condo inspection to finalize the license and confirm safety features.

Here are the things they will check for during inspection:
(you can go through these and try to resolve any issues prior to inspection so they dont have to come back twice in order to pass inspection, wired smoke detectors are required, battery operated ones don’t count, so you wont pass inspection without one having been installed and wired)

Saw this post and was curious as my husband and I are looking to do the same in the new year. Wanted to see if you had any success GAaveGentlmen? What did you use as your billing address? Did you have a certified resident agent? We don’t have a new place to move to yet and want to make sure we are above board. Did you have tenants in the unit prior to applying for the license?
Thanks for any guidance and apologize in advance if I’m being dense!

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