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Announcements August 15, 2013 at 1:48 pm

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My neighbor’s had a land surveyor at their house today. Just curious what would be a possible reason for it? They are renters and I have a feeling they are vacating the property soon. Is it possible the owner is selling it?

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Maybe they’re selling, or maybe they’re considering changing out the fence, in which case they’re wise to figure out exactly where their property line is and which side of the property they own the current fence. In row houses, you typically own the fence line on only one side of the property as delineated on the plat map, unless the fence is installed inside the property line, from what I understand.

Well their fence is actually going a bit onto our property so I would be happy if it was that because I would like to get it moved. Unfortunately, (or fortunately for us if it is for sale) the house is in disrepair and I doubt changing the chain link fence is much of a priority.

Another possibility that I thought of is that perhaps they are thinking of putting on an addition or making an alteration to the footprint of the home. There are often rules about how close the structure can be to property lines, which would require a survey as part of the permitting process. A survey may even be required for some renovations that involve exterior alterations. People rarely have a survey done when selling their home unless they are anticipating a significant issue – it is something that the buyer elects to have done as part of the purchase.

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