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Lamond-Riggs neighborhood? (20012, Near Lamond Rec. Center)


Lamond-Riggs neighborhood? (20012, Near Lamond Rec. Center)
We are considering a move and trying to learn more about the Lamond-Riggs neighborhood. We have done a bit on walking around in the area & reading about the area. But, are not as familiar with it as Takoma DC. Anyone live in or spend a good amount of time in neighborhood specifically near the Lamond Recreation Center/ near Kansan & Eastern Ave (20012)?

Things we are viewing as Pros: There seem to be a number of families staying in the area for a long time. The lots & homes seem to be reasonable size, a number of similar early 1950’s brick detached single family houses. While many of the homes are still only the original 2 bed/1 bath most have basements, off-street parking & space to for additions. Most of the homes/yards look well maintained.
The crime reports look pretty good around the area. It is a fairly easy walk up to the Takoma metro seems to be good lighting & safe walking along Eastern Ave during both night & day times. Fort Totten Metro/ development & Walter Reed development is just a little over a mile away. There also seem to be a number of buses along Eastern Ave.
Of course having the Lamond Recreation Center is a nice perk for kids (and adults). Close to the Takoma DC/Takoma Park, MD amenities without paying higher Takoma Park, MD housing/tax prices. There also looks to be a good amount of business/shopping and such along New Hampshire Ave/MD.

Wondering about:
Continued growth & development in the area & surrounding areas. If the neighborhood is friendly & has active community groups.. are there neighborhood events? What folks think of the neighborhood public & private schools? If the area would be reasonably welcoming to a LGBT family? If those that live in the area feel reasonably safe walking at night to & from metros/buses/shops and just walking dogs. How is the Lamond Rec Center?

Thanks for in advance for constructive & 1st hand information.

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Reposting what I posted in the main PoP section…

I actually live across from the field at the Lamond Rec Center in one of the early 1950′s brick detached single family houses. I’m in my early 40s and have lived here for 4 years. I have no kids so I don’t know much about the schools. The Sela Public Charter School (PCS), the District’s new Hebrew language charter school just recently opened in the area. The area is fairly quiet and relatively safe. Yes there are still many residents here who have been here for a while. There is a monthly community meeting (I’ve been a few times) and the regular attendees are the long time residents who always show genuine interest in the safety, maintenance and cleanliness of the neighborhood. True, there’s not a whole lot going on in the main neighborhood but Old Takoma is less than a mile away and that’s where I usually go to do stuff. There are a number of restaurants and shops and there is a bit of excitement about the development going on there – Bus Boys & Poets upcoming, Republic Restaurant, etc. There is an active Takoma listserv and business community.

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