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Public Safety September 9, 2015 at 11:17 am

Labor Day Auto Theft

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Recent smash and grab incident on Randolph Street NE in the Eckington area.

My girlfriend and I were attending a friends barbecue for Labor Day. Within three hours, someone smashed my rear car window and stole my girlfriends travel bag. The bag itself was expensive, as well as the clothing and accessories. We were parked on the same street as the house, unfortunately no one saw anything and we went through the standard police report and insurance claim process.

If anyone finds a shiny pink Tumi bag with items in it, please report back. We even checked some nearby dumpsters. Guessing since they did not find any electronics it may have been dumped somewhere close.

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It was very horrible!! Thank God you both are safe..!!!!

BTW, our local friend found the bag and all the contents in an alley a block away.

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