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Public Safety November 13, 2014 at 4:05 pm

Knocking on ground floor apt windows

This is probably a strange question but I just relocated to DC (a few blocks south of the Georgia Ave/Petworth metro stop) and I’m in a ground floor apartment. I’ve been here for about three weeks and haven’t had any problems being on the ground floor but today every hour and a half or so someone was knocking on my windows.

It was a deliberate knock, like how someone would knock on a door, and the ground floor windows are tall and narrow like doors from the outside but the person would stay for a few minutes and keep knocking and then presumably leave. But this has been four or five distinct times now today and I’m not sure what to do. I’ve gone to the window a few times with the intention of just yelling for the person (by the voice, I’m pretty sure a man) but by the time I get the curtains and blinds open there’s no one there.

There’s night time security in the building but they’re not here until 6 and if this was a weekday the super would be on site and I would call him but I’m not really sure what the proper reaction to this is. I don’t really feel threatened, more annoyed and nervous and not really sure what to do, it’s just a weird situation.

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It’s probably someone casing your house. Knocking on the window and then hiding when you go look to develop a pattern of when you’re home. Would make sense.
I would say definitely tell building security, maybe consider getting a security system and having bars installed on your windows if you don’t already.

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