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Family January 17, 2012 at 4:23 pm

Kids haircuts

My toddler is due for her first haircut, but I am at a loss as to where to take her.  We live in Columbia Heights, but would happily travel within the District for a place that is good with kids.  Thanks!

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Gonna try to take my own son to Camillo’s, my barber shop for more than a decade. Plenty of kids get their hair cut there. They say to have the parent get a cut a couple times with the kid and then get the kid a cut. I’m taking my son (2) with me there this weekend to see me get a haircut.


Took my daughter there as well, and still do.  I think the first time she sat on my lap.
BTW, Windom Street, at Wisconsin Ave.

Thanks, this is really helpful!

We use Sylvia’s in the 3800 block of 14th (eastern side).  She’s great with kids.

Thanks!  Sylvia’s is close to us. 


We take our daughter to Kidville in Bethesda. Christie is amazing and worth the commute IMO.

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