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Travel and Transportation May 19, 2014 at 7:56 am

Keeping your car registered outside of DC

I’m a relatively short-term DC resident (I’m not planning on living here for more than a year), and I decided to keep my car registered elsewhere for insurance purposes. I purchased a parking spot near my work, where it’s more convenient/safe/easier than finding street parking, and I occasionally leave my car on my street at home overnight or on weekends (never during hours listed as restricted). This morning (Monday at 1:50 AM) I got a warning that my car has been spotted twice within 180 days, and that I had 15 days to register my car in DC. Is there any way to get around this? Can I really get a parking ticket during un-restricted parking hours?

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There is not, unless you are military, a student, or congressional/senate staff.

You can get a ROSA permit. It involves going to the DMV with every form of identification you have ever had, and does not give you any resident rights. You are not eligible to park during restricted hours, but you can park during unrestricted times without racking up tickets. Check out the DMV website for all the info.

Might try to get a visitor Parking spot if you don’t park overnight super frequently:


You could get a ROSA permit by proving your residency whereever you claim residency (your parents’ home? Old roommate’s home?). It sounds like you’d be fine.

But, also, you could be an adult and pay for the resources you’re using by owning a car in the District, which include registration fees and paying appropriately into your insurer’s risk pool. A year is not that short a term.

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