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Entertainment December 7, 2012 at 12:15 pm

Karaoke in DC

Any recommendations?  I am looking for a karaoke place on the weekend in DC for my birthday.  I leave near Petworth, so anywhere nearby would be appreciated, though I was thinking of going out on H Street.  Thanks!

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Not near Petworth, but Remington’s at 6th & Penn SE has karaoke upstairs Weds-Sat. There’s also a place in Adams Morgan on 18th that does Korean-style (private rooms) karaoke.

The place in Adams Morgan is called Muzette—It’s a lot of fun!  I highly reccomend it, but you have to reserv a room.
If you really enjoy karaoke…check out District Karaoke.  It’s a team-based competivie karaoke league.  http://www.districtkaraoke.com
DIK on 17th does karaoke on the weekend but the crowd can be so so.

Muzette is probably the best choice for a small party.  If you don’t want to spend as much for a private room, there is always Cafe Japone and Peyote Cafe (only if you are under 25).

cafe japone, sollys on u street (Wednesdays), little miss whiskeys (every other wed, opposite of sollys (same company)), recessions, peyote

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