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Sports and Fitness May 10, 2012 at 9:21 am

Joining a gym just for the fitness classes?

I have access to a gym in my apartment building, but this small gym doesn’t offer fitness classes (spinning, zumba, areobics, etc), and I’d like to start adding this into my “get in shape” routing. Does anyone know of a gym in the DC or Northern Virginia area that has something like:
*Pay per fitness class, rather than a monthly membership?
*A gym membership where you only take classes?
Thanks in advance for any help/advice you all have!

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It might be worth pricing out a personal trainer to come to your apartment gym.
secondly, look in to a boot camp program that is outside of a gym, like the boot camp girl or whatnot…

Third, I use my gym mostly for casses – I pay $52/mo for WSC and go to at least 3 classes a week, which is about $5 per class. So to me, it’s worth it.

There are classes in Crystal City at 1600 S. Eads. I used to live there. Look up Get Shaped Fitness. Also, dance style studios, such as Pole Pressure, and some gyms, such as Balance Gym via Groupon now, offer drop in rates for group classes.

I’d suggest Stroga in Adams Morgan.

I use Stroga; you can buy classes in batches of 10 or 20, or get unlimited classes for a year.

I can’t tell if my last post went through, but YWCA:

I took Boot Camp and Pilates a few years ago when they were located in Chinatown.  I believe they have since moved to 14th and Rhode Island NW.  I really liked the classes.  Boot Camp was tough, and I always felt like I got a good workout.  Pilates never caught on, and the class was discontinued (too bad, it was a great class).  I stopped going when it got warm enough to run outside, and never got around to going back.  It’s cheap and there’s no commitment, so you should see for yourself.

Jordin’s Paradise
I adore Fuse Pilates, if you are interested in something Pilates-inspired.

it depends on what type of fitness classes you like.  For instance, Vida offers TRX, Pilates reformer and boot camps for non members (and not much more than they charge members).  I quit Vida due to the extortion (all the extra pay classes) and have gone back to KineticFlix.  Like netflix but purely workout dvd’s.  

First Fitness at 19th and L St NW…only 29$/Month for the Entire gym PLUS ALL Clases. Best DEAL in the city HANDS down! 

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