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Announcements October 31, 2014 at 11:53 am

Jogging in the cycletrack?

Quick question of etiquette, DDOT just put a cycletrack on 6th Street NE, where I usually jog to and from work – is it acceptable to jog in the new track so that I don’t run up behind walking pedestrians?

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For what it’s worth, this topic was discussed in a PoPville post a while back and the overwhelming consensus was that runners should not run in the street at all (except to cross at intersections, of course.) And to be specific, bicycle lanes are part of the street, so runners should not run in bicycle lanes. As a runner, I agree with this – runners should not be running in the street, in car lanes or in bicycle lanes.

Please don’t. Cyclists do not expect runners in the track so may not see you if they’re biking fast. The risk of injury (to both people) from a speeding bike is greater than a jogger brushing against a pedestrian.

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