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Other July 10, 2014 at 12:08 pm

Isherwood NE alley cats


Hello, all — As you might know, Chris, the person who died in a fire on Isherwood Street NE not long ago, was a long-time caregiver of the cats in the alley behind Isherwood and D Streets between 16th and 17th streets NE. Chris made sure the alley cats were spayed or neutered and fed them every day. Since his death, I’ve been trying to feed the cats. There are about five or six of them. They appear to be on the tame end of feral (though I’m not an expert). They come close to me for food. One rubbed my ankles when I fed them the other night. I’m not sure how much they’re driven to hunt because they’ve been accustomed to being fed. I decided to feed them because one, it seems cruel to deprive them when they’ve been fed for a long time, and two, I’ve never seen a single rodent in the alley in the eight years I’ve been there. Not sure if they catch rats or if their presence is simply a deterrent. Since they’re all fixed (I think), there shouldn’t be a proliferation of future cats to feed.

My request is this: If you’d like to help with food or feeding, I’d be grateful. Maybe your cats don’t like a new brand of food and you don’t know what to do with it (happens with my fussy indoor cats). I’ll gladly take it. Or maybe you’re connected to a rescue group and could direct folks my way. I’d be grateful for any/all ideas. Thank you for your consideration. — Jill at 16th and D Streets NE

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If some of them are rubbing your ankles, that sounds pretty tame. Maybe they could be adopted out?

You might try contacting Alley Cat Allies or Homeward Trails — I believe some HT folks are involved in feeding feral cats, so they probably have a good sense of which cats are adoptable and which aren’t.

Thank you for the suggestions. I didn’t think about trying to get them adopted. I’m working with a couple of groups so far and definitely will ask their advice on that point.

I have some dry cat food that my now-diabetic cat is not permitted to have. It’s almost a full bag. Is there a way I can get this to you?

Thank you so much. I’d be so grateful for the food (and glad you got a diagnosis for your cat). My house is at 1602 D Street NE. I have a covered front porch and a covered area out back if you’d like to drop it off. Or I could pick it up from you. Thank you again.

Hi Jill-

I would like to help feed the cats. Please let me know how I can get a hold of you. I live on 15th and E. Cap, NE. I am swinging by Petco on my way home from work tonight and will pick up a big back of kibble.

Jill has a GoFund me we set up for the cats now. Many thanks to those PoP readers who have already donated some food!

🙂 Jen
Feral kitty Isherwood neighbor

Thank you so much, Jen, for setting up the site and for your generous help and advice. Thank you so much to those who have donated cat food. It’s so incredibly helpful. The cats eat every last bite. Per the good advice I’ve received, I offer the food only when I see the cats. No excess food sits out, so nothing goes to waste (or to attract rodents). Every food donation is stored safely in my garage. Increasingly, the cats greet me with ankle rubs and let me pet them when they see the food arrive. Those who volunteer to feed them from time to time are likely to enjoy such friendliness, too. Thank you again, Jen, and all other kind neighbors. — Jill, 16th and D and Isherwood NE

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