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General Discussion August 1, 2013 at 9:57 am

is your kitty missing?

Last night around 9:30 pm, we found a female calico cat with no collar wandering around Mount Pleasant St. and Park St. area. She is super skinny, so we took her inside and gave her food and water and kept her last night. She is the sweetest, most affectionate cat, and not skittish in the slightest, so I can’t imagine she doesn’t have an owner… but she does seem like she hadn’t eaten in a long time. We are guessing she’s somewhere between 6 months and a year old, and might be pregnant or just out of heat.

We filed a Found Report with the Washington Humane Society and plan to have her come picked up soon, but please let me know if you know her – reply here or email Lisa at (dnagirl76 at


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