Is this your lost Shelillon puppy?

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Topic: Is this your lost Shelillon puppy?

General Discussion March 22, 2013 at 10:53 pm

Is this your lost Shelillon puppy?

We found this sweet little puppy near 4th and Emerson NW on Wednesday, March 20, with a collar, no tag, nothing on the inside of it, and no microchip.  We have filed found reports with her in two shelter areas, posted about her on neighborhood and lost dog groups on facebook, and posted about her on Craigslist. 
We haven’t seen any lost dog posters for her, nor any posts for her on facebook and craigslist, nor have the two shelters areas (MoCo and DC) found a match for her. 
She appears to be between 6 and 12 months old, but is not remotely housetrained. We are working on this with her, but it is a big time/sanity investment if her “real” owner is out there but doesn’t know she’s with us, so if we don’t find her owner soon, we are going to move forward as though she’s our adopted dog.  We will put up flyers before we do this, but haven’t not had the extra time to do this during the week yet.
Please reply if you’ve seen lost dog posts about her or if you are her owner (and have evidence of ownership) so we can reunite her sooner if she is indeed a wanted puppy (by someone other than us – we adore her),


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