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Home and Garden February 2, 2014 at 1:49 pm

Is my kwh usage reasonable?

I have a small studio apartment (450 sq ft), and according to my meter I’ve used about 200 kwh this past 30 days. Is this normal? I have only had the heat on for maybe 30 minutes to an hour this month, since our hallways are about 90 degrees (seriously, there’s a problem somewhere) and without heat and the with the windows closed my apartment stays at about 72. The only major appliances I have are a gas oven and a refrigerator. I have about 4 lamps that stay on several hours every day, and a tv that stays on maybe an hour a day, and is unplugged the rest of the time. I kind of feel like I should be using less electricity, and that maybe there’s a problem with my meter, but this is the first time I’ve had a place where utilities aren’t included so I’m not sure what’s normal. Please help me understand if you can!

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This seems normal or very low energy usage compared to when I lived in a slightly larger apt and didn’t use heat. You may also want to see how you are charged utilities if you live in an apt complex building. You may be charged extra based on the number of people on your lease and/or the sq ft of your apt in order to cover the common areas (for example, your 90 degree hallway).

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