Is It Legal to Keep Birds in DC? (Please say no)

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Topic: Is It Legal to Keep Birds in DC? (Please say no)

Public Safety April 11, 2013 at 2:19 pm

Is It Legal to Keep Birds in DC? (Please say no)

Dear PoPville,
My neighbor keeps exotic birds in a henhouse type situation in his background (about 40 ft from the carriage house where I live).  This would be fine, I have nothing against birds, except that their droppings attract flies and the water he leaves out for them makes the mosquitoes in the summer UNBEARABLE.  We have a yard but have never been able to use it in the summer for this very reason, and I’m already dreading this summer yielding the same results.
Does anyone have experience with calling the city about something like this?  Anyone know what the laws are in terms of owning birds in the city? 
Surrounded By Birds

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see section 902 of the DC Municipal Regulations for Animal Control

The PoPville forum doesn’t like URLs that have spaces, special characters, etc. in them, so the link above won’t work.  To make it work, the URL should end with “Animal,” then a percent sign, then “20,” then “Control.pdf.”  From skimming those regs, I suspect your neighbor is in violation — you have to have a permit to keep fowl, and the location can’t be within 50 feet of a house/dwelling or within 250 feet of a property line.  Not sure if it would be DCRA or Animal Control that would need to issue a violation notice… maybe try calling 311 and ask which office you should contact.

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