Is DC ever going to take any serious action about bike theft?

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Topic: Is DC ever going to take any serious action about bike theft?

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Is DC ever going to take any serious action about bike theft?

As someone who uses my bikes as a means of transportation, I’ve made sure to take every necessary precaution in securing my bike. However, I’ve unfortunately experienced my 4th bike theft in the last 6 years, most recently on a university campus. Every bike rider I know has also experienced a theft at one point or another…please give me some insite into this issue. I’ve also started a list-serve for all those who have gotten their bike stolen.

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If by “DC” you mean DC Law Enforcement, then I suspect the answer is no. I believe that levels of violent crime and other threats to public safety would have to be drastically reduced before any serious resources will be dedicated to bike theft.
If anything is going to be done anytime soon, I think it will be down to individuals and private businesses to come up with ways to make bike theft unappealing.


by all means, i understand that there is more important crime issues to be addressed in this city then bike theft. but by no means should we undermine this issue…simliarly to if a phone or wallet getting stolen.
perhaps its time that dc, meaning the community and private business sector did something about it. the fact that i got my bike stolen in the middle of the day and in a highy trafficed area is absolutely insane to me. here is an interesting article to check out that interviews a bike thief…

Sorry about the theft of your bike.  Not sure what can be done about it.  
I see a lot of posts about stolen bikes, but rarely any explanation of the types of locks used.  That would help others to know whether or not their locking habits are risky.  


I had a bike stolen once because I used a cable lock.  Then I started using a strong U lock, and my bike has never been stolen since.

please let people know about my site…. its a list serv for stolen bikes….

What would you like “Private Business’s” in DC to do about crime against your personal property?

that is why i started this discussion… the more awareness that is brought to this issue, the less likely these creeps will make it their occuptation to go around stealing personal property. I question why they do not have a gps system for a bike?

i haven’t really mentioned police involvement…i realize they have more important issues to concentrate on and i would be very alarmed if they did make that a major focus. HOWEVER, this does not deter the fact that this is a growing issue. Every person I know that rides regularly has gotten their bike stolen at least once. In terms of the gps system – i would invest in one as opposed to constantly having to a buy a new lock because the theives are become more and more clever if finding ways of breaking into them. A crime is a crime. I’ve heard people who make a living doing this! How is this right? Big brother is watching us..there are cameras all throughout the city…why not attach them to bike racks. All i am saying is that there has to be alternatives. One can make a agrument against not bothering to improve recycling or providing cleaner sidewalks in the city…there are so many things we can just accept and let slide, but we don’t. So all I am saying is why not start focusing on getting the bad guys who freakin steal bikes! Plus if they are stealing bikes…what else are they probably getting themselves into…

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