Is anyone else having problems with squirrels eating their Christmas lights?

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Topic: Is anyone else having problems with squirrels eating their Christmas lights?

Public Safety December 14, 2012 at 10:19 am

Is anyone else having problems with squirrels eating their Christmas lights?


We put up our Christmas lights (including two brand new LED strands which were not cheap) on our front porch last weekend.  I came home from work on Wednesday evening to find that one side of the porch was not lit – I figured one of the fuses blew and planned to check it later.  But when I came home last night, none of the lights were working.  Upon further investigation, I noticed that the wires had been cut/chewed in around 10 different spots.  I am almost certain it was the squirrels (I regularly see 4-5 on our porch and our neighbor’s when I leave in the morning).
We put up lights last year (although, not as many) and didn’t have this problem.  Our next door neighbor’s lights weren’t working either last night.  Our neighbor a couple doors down, however, has had hers up for a couple weeks now without any apparent problems.
Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone have a solution??

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I had this problem. It’s unpredictable: one set of lights the squirrels ate twice, another they never touched, though they’re the same type of lights. After splicing the wires back together I covered the entire string with electrical tape, hoping the squirrels found it less delicious. So far so good, and it’s been a year.
BTW if you want to splice yours back together you might want to use self-sealing silicone tape – it makes a watertight seal.

My theory on this is that the squirrels think the lights are nuts.  I’ve found the lights, with bits of wire attached where they were bitten off, buried near by the light strands.  The more the lights look like nuts – like that blue bulb shown in your picture – the more the squirrels attack.  I haven’t found a succesful solution short of armoring the wires.  Good luck and Merry Christmas.

Cayenne pepper. No, seriously. I have had the same problem with squirrels on my porch digging up the plants. I was tempted to go buy a bb gun to shoot the little futhermuckers. Then one of the guys at work told me about cayenne pepper…seems to work because they don’t like the taste. The only problem is my porch smells like an italian restaurant!

I know these posts are a few years old but I’m hoping someone googling finds the thread and joins in.

Yes I’m having problems with squirrels and Christmas lights. Like adc22 we have bite marks in the wires and bulbs chewed off.

So some questions and observations:

Since all the posts are older are the makers adding something to the plastic to prevent squirrels? These lights are a few years old.

The nut theory sounds reasonable. I don’t think we had the problems with the old incandescents because they were hot. A theory I will now blow apart.

Do they attack in the day or after dark when he lights are on? If in the day then hot bulbs make no difference. But they do ook smaller and nuttier. Someone else thought the color made a difference. Blue and green. Red and white OK.

I’ve read one theory that they won’t chew lights that are on. I’m trying that now. better a few more cents in electricity than big $ for new lights every few years.

I notice they only chew he strand with lights. There’s one that goes from one end to the other they don’t touch. Which supports the nut theory.

We need some science here. Science fair project? MSc? PhD?

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