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Travel and Transportation March 19, 2012 at 10:01 am

Interstate movers, DC – NYC?

Hi all, 

I’m looking for mover recommendations between DC and Brooklyn. I’m only moving about one bedroom worth of furniture with a few sundry kitchen items, none of which are heavy, difficult or delicate/valuable (Ikea!). I would like it all to arrive in good order, but the move falling close to my $2,000 budget is the most important thing at this point. 

Any good (or really bad) experiences to report?

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i remember something about the cost being based on weight, and the minimum charge being $2500 if the total weight didn’t exceed the minimum (yours probably wouldn’t)… they were responsive, flexible, and everything was taken care of:

AMJ Campbell Florida
Atlas Van Lines 
P (954) 426-3533

I just hired Mayflower for a move from TX to DC.  The first part of the process was easy and seamless.  They sent someone to do an estimate and I paid by credit card.  I paid 2,400 for a dining room set, living room set and a few other things.  I can report back when the goods arrive, but even with the name recognition, I shopped around and they were competitive.  ABF has some good rates as well, but you’d have to load the container yourself, but I have friends who’ve used them more than once and haven’t had a problem.  And they’d deliver right outside your new address.

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This may not help in your situation since you have bedroom furniture, but several years ago, I moved from NYC to the DC area (SilverSpring).  I had LOTS of books, but minimal furniture — although I did have a large butcherblock desktop.  I was actually able to ship the equivalent of a small apartment using UPS.  As I recall, they would make a certain number of pick-up visits for a reasonable fee, so I didn’t have to ship everything all on one day. They had weight limits and size limits, but I’d bet most small items of furniture would make it if you didn’t mind breaking them down to fit packing boxes.  The price also included insurance and tracking, and the total cost was MUCH less than the other options that I investigated.  That said, if I had had an acquaintance willing to drive a U-haul or who owned a van — I would have gone with that as an even less expensive option. 

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