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Home and Garden April 2, 2013 at 4:13 pm

Interior concrete flooring contractor recommendation?

My husband and I are looking to put concrete floors in the first floor of our rowhouse. We are having a hard time finding a contractor that does this. Most advertize only exterior concretes (driveways, patios, etc).
Has anyone had concrete floors installed in their home? Or do you know a contractor that could do this for us?
Thank you!

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The framing of rowhouse floor joists typically won’t support the weight of a traditional concrete floor.  There is too much deflection.  We put a concrete floor in Peregine Espresso on 14th and had to double the floor joists with engineered lumber, pocketed into the brick (not a ledger).  There was then 2 layers of tongue and groove 3/4″ plywood glued and screwed down, a “bond-breaker” layer of 6 mil plastic, 6X6 welded wire mesh reinforcing and 3″ of 6000 psi fiber reinforced concrete. We had to involve a structural engineer.
Rarely to budgets in residential construction allow for that type of floor.  There are also micro-toppings out there that have polymers in them that could be poured much thinner.  Concrete staining companies use those but  staining companies usually do not have the framing and trim experience needed to finish the project to 100% completion.
Hope this helps.

A good option would be the large format Lea Slimtech tile.  It could be laid with a minimal joint and very closely resemble concrete.

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