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Public Safety September 24, 2012 at 10:17 am

Increased Crime on Ontario Road in Adams Morgan

This morning, I saw the attached painted on a house under construction
where we live on Ontario Road in Adams Morgan.  This is a week after
someone kicked in our door and stole our tv while we were work.  Has
anyone else seen increased crime on this street?

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My friend got mugged, severely, twice within a 3 month time span in the Lanier Heights neighborhood last year. After the second mugging, he moved to the U Street area. There’s definitely a thug element on those pretty, quiet streets in the late nights. Definitely be alert and try to walk in well lit areas late at night around there.

I live on Ontario as well and the trunk of my car got keyed this week as well. Everyone who parks in the alley that runs behind the safeway should be careful, at least a few homeless guys sleep there.


I believe this particular graffiti was in response to the giant tree being cut down that was in front of that house until yesterday. The tree had a sign that said “rape of mother earth” or something like that. 
But yes, i have noticed increased crime, my bike that i park on the street has been vandalized twice and robbed of parts twice. The alley that runs behind that stretch of Ontario is also seeing it’s fair share of crime – called cops a few weeks ago when 3 teenagers were trying to start a stolen motorcycle – cops never showed up. 

Not getting worse, just not getting better. There are gangs on the other side of Columbia Rd that have been there causing trouble for quite some time, and general neighborhood hooligans abound. Same is it ever was.


Zero-sum, i wonder if they are going to dig out the sloped yard to make for a patio seating for basement level – essentially making basement apt street level. There’s no one living there right now, has some permit signs in the window, guessing going under construction very soon. 

It sounded like there were several gunshots last night around 17th and Euclid around midnight.  Five or six cop cars came up a couple minutes later, but I couldn’t see if anyone was still there from my vantage point.  Any news on what was going on there?

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