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Incorrect RPP Mailed To Me

Hi everyone,

I have never used the PoP forums for myself, but I’ve seen lots of questions answered, and after some Googling and scouring the DC DMV website, I thought maybe someone here might be able to help me.

I recently renewed my car registration and zone 3 parking permit – I received my permit and registration card by mail recently, but on my parking permit, instead of the big “3” that my current one has, the letters “No RPP” are written vertically down the side of the permit. I luckily printed and scanned a copy of my receipt when I paid the full $107.00 for both of these things, and my receipt does indeed say “Zone 3 Parking Permit” on it.

I would like to not reapply and pay another $35 to try my hand at receiving a Zone 3 pass, but I also know that the DMV website really steers you clear of going in person to get services like this taken care of. I tried calling the DMV line and got stuck in an endless loop of automated messages, and I sent an email to their generic address (I am not expecting any response back). My zone sticker expires this Saturday, and I’m at a loss! If anyone has any advice, I welcome it with open arms!

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I’m not sure how you can get this resolved without phoning the DMV (maybe there’s some way of escaping from the endless loop of voice prompts?) or going there in person.
The only other thing I can think of is explaining the issue to your councilmember and seeing if he/she can go to bat for you… although that seems like something to try after you’ve gone through the phone and in-person options.

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