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General Discussion May 24, 2016 at 5:40 pm

Inappropriate Flirtation at Brixton!

RANT: So, the last few times I have gone out dancing at Brixton with my girls, some random boy in a T-SHIRT (??!) has approached me with a beer trying to get me to dance with him. Ewwwww. If I wanted to dance with a boy, I would approach him! LEAVE ME ALONE ON GIRLS’ NIGHT! Also, at least buy me a vodka soda. Could someone please tell the men in this city to stop being so CREEPY. Has anyone else had this experience?

RAVE: The DJ was great!

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I never leave my girls during GNO, just too many creeps! A few times I’ve pretended to be lesbian with my best friend or I just kind of push the guy off to a desperate friend lol. I’m also not a beer drinker but if the guy is decent looking I’ll have a dance or two but I’ll be completely honest if I don’t want to hook up or something. It doesn’t hurt to meet a guy and give him a chance 🙂 but if he has stains all over his shirt, that’s a big no no, I’ll go straight to the ladies room and hide out in there for awhile with my long island tea ha!

I don’t think a lot of men here care if you have a ring on your finger either, they completely disregard that

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