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Auto July 19, 2012 at 4:14 pm

Idiots who park in alleys – Get ‘No Parking’ signs?

The alley to get to my parking pad is more often than not by a vehicle…usually either a work truck, or just someone’s car. And on more than one occasion after asking folks to move, I’ve gotten the reply, “well, there aren’t any ‘no parking’ signs…so I can park here.” 
First, I’m pretty sure that’s not accurate. And second, has anyone had to occassion to request ‘no parking’ signs be installed by the city? Maybe a 311 thing?

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People can’t block alleys, and no signage to that effect is required.  See .
If it’s your own private property, I doubt the city will install “No Parking” signs.  If it’s a public alley, they probably won’t do it either (on the grounds that the law says no signage is necessary).
I think you can get “No Parking” signs at Home Depot. (Not sure — I know they have a lot of other signage there, but I don’t remember specifically as far as “No Parking.”)  It might be worthwhile to get people to stop parking in the alley, even if no such signage ought to be necessary.

Ah, brilliant. Appreciate the quick, thoughtful reply!

Ok, are you saying that the alley is usually blocked by a parked car, or that someone is parking in your parking pad (or both)?  Either way Textdoc is correct.  By law you can’t block access to a public alley.  If someone is parking in your parking spot it’s your responsibility to get a “No Parking” sign because it’s your private property.  You can get them at Home Depot.  We have legal, dedicated alley parking spaces that were created when the houses were built.  They have chain link fencing on two sides yet people still park in our spaces.  I can’t tell you how many people I’ve towed from my space – even with two “No Parking” signs.  Something else you might want to consider – you could get yourself a few yellow cones and put them in your space.  That might deter people from parking there.  

I have an area behind my house that’s not a legal parking spot, but you can fit a vehicle in there without blocking the rest of the alley. We posted a No Parking sign that does a great job of deterring people from parking there (except for the handyman who simply ripped the sign down!). I think a lot of visitors who aren’t familiar with city rules assume they can park in alley spaces unless there’s a sign specifically prohibiting them from doing it. It certainly doesn’t hurt to get some signs from your local hardware store and put them up so it’s obvious.


If they’re blocking the alley opening into the street, you should be able to get no parking signs.  I got the city to install them on either side of the end of our alley–it’s supposed to be at least 5 feet, although this being DC they found a pole that was about 3 feet from one side and put it there.  Still better than nothing.
Most alleys are public property–if it is, the city should post signs along the alley as well, and you can always call to have cars ticketed.  If there’s one thing DC is efficient at, it’s ticketing illegally (and legally) parked cars.

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