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Travel and Transportation January 25, 2012 at 10:26 am

Iceland to see the Northern Lights?

Has anyone been to Iceland to see the northern lights?  I’ve found, as usual, all sorts of conflicting advice online.  But this seems to be the year to go with all the solar flares. 

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I was in Iceland back in October, but unfortunately the tours didn’t go out while I was there due to visibility issues. It sounds like you particularly want to see the Northern Lights, but even if you get there and can’t see them for some reason, Iceland is still an amazing place. It’s really unlike anywhere I’ve ever been and I had an amazing time!


I was there in September, which is just before the northern light season, which begins in mid/late October, and goes through the winter. I don’t think you’re ever guaranteed to see them, though.

I was there for New Year’s 2008-2009 which was incredible. The Lights were amazing… there is really nothing like being out in the interior of Iceland in the pitch black. Black like you’ve never seen even in the countryside… the night we went out was not the most spectacular (I heard from others) of the nights that other people went around the same time but awesome nonetheless. My advice would be to go out the very first night you’re there so you can get another chance if it’s overcast. If you wait til the end of your trip you may only get once chance.

I went in Feb. 2009. We took a bus tour late at night with Reykjavik Excursions out to the fjords to find see the lights. The upside to going with a tour group is they were in constant phone contact with the company and knew where the best spots were for that particular night. We tried several places. Unfortunately, we barely saw anything, but it was still a fun night. This is supposed to be the best year to see them and Iceland is amazing in the winter, so I would highly recommend trying!

I was there in late November and, unfortunately, it was too cloudly to see the lights.  Definitely check what people are predicting about the weather.  You will have a fantastic time either way, though.  I absolutely fell in love with Iceland. I hiked on a glacier and saw some amazin waterfalls/landscape.  I’m trying to find a way to move there.

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