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Auto December 10, 2012 at 1:57 pm

Hybrid/electric car recommendations?

Hi! We’re in the market and looking for a hybrid/electric car. Seeking info/reviews, especially those with good headroom. Prius is off the list, so interested in any others you may love, hate, have other recommendations for, your experiences, etc. Thanks!

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Why is the Prius off the list?  There are at least 3 different types of prius now, with a plug-in coming soon, and the Prius line tends to offer the best solution for most people.  It is not an accident that they are so ubiquitous.  There are dozens of options for hybrids and electrics, but all have different strengths and weaknesses.  As with any car, the size of the car you want, how you plan to use it and personal preference all factor in to what is best for you.
There is also a huge difference between hybrid and electric, in terms of usability, practicality and charging requirements.

I’m assuming you have a garage? There’s a guy around the corner from me who charges his Chevy Volt by running an extension cord out this window, across the sidewalk, and into the street. Doesn’t seem like the smartest idea in a heavily foot-trafficked area frequented by idiotic high school students.

Thanks, werr! Yes, taking all those things into consideration. Just looking for perspectives on hybrids and/or electrics, especially from those who have or who have checked out those models with decent headroom. Prius is off the list because we don’t like it, for various reasons.
Zero_sum, we do not have a garage but do have a place to keep an electric if that’s what he goes with. Your neighbor sounds bright as a shining star. 🙂  

Electric: Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S both have very good reputations. I think there may even be a Tesla showroom downtown.
Plug-in hybrid: Chevy Volt is pretty much your only option, it only seats 4.
Hybrids: Ford Fusion hybrid was great last generation, but they just released a new one and it might not be as good.

My mom’s new Ford C-Max is awesome, although she finds the seat’s lumbar support uncomfortable – but she just doesn’t like Ford seats. Car is great, though.

green car reports did a survey of whats on the market.  A Battery EV is going to be range limited unless you have the Big bucks to buy a Tesla. The Plug In Hybrids get great reviews.  People rave about their Chevy Volts, the Ford Cmax Energi gets a good review.  Honda hasa plug in accord coming.  We have a honda insight it’s nice.

Plug in Hyrbids  are a pretty good deal.  
I’d look long and hard at the C-Max Energi or Ford Fusion Energi.  
If you wait till 3Q next year, you will have some more choiced,  but,  people like the new Leaf, the iMev
and the Smart EV 

Thanks for the input, everyone! We looked at the C-Max and Fusion last weekend. He really liked the Fusion but the headroom wasn’t adequate. The C-Max has great headroom, but it’s not as “nice” as the Fusion. The Volt has some really janky looking interiors and not great headroom, but it’s not entirely off the list. Still have to see the Leaf in person, but it’s kind of ugly from the photos we’ve seen. The Accord could be a possibility if it has better headroom than the Civic, so thanks for that heads up, patb. Might wait until a little later in the year to see what’s out then. We may have to give up the hybrid idea for headroom. At any rate, really appreciate all the insights!

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