Huge "Speedbumps" on North Capital St.

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Travel and Transportation September 28, 2014 at 8:24 am

Huge "Speedbumps" on North Capital St.

I recently relocated from Arlington to upper NW DC, and I often find myself taking North Capitol St when traveling to and from downtown. There is a significant stretch of road (shortly past the McMillan Park/Michigan Ave intersection, whether traveling north or southbound) that is quite literally RIDDLED with these abnormally large, oddly-sized “speedbumps” that are very uncomfortable to ride over. Even when going the posted speed limit or below, it seems that these large, irregularly-shaped raised mounds of concrete are enough to damage tires and/or knock one’s car out of alignment. When I first relocated, I was in the process of recovering from surgery, and every time I rode over the mounds it upset my healing wounds.

Why are these large mounds there and being permitted to remain? Surely, these are not legitimate speedbumps (which you don’t normally find on a major thoroughfare, as opposed to a side street). What can be done to get these fixed? Please let me know, forum members!


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