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How to handle a dog in the neighborhood

There is a family on our street who either leave their dog tied on their front porch for hours on end, with him barking literally all day and night, or worse, leave him unleashed running around the neighborhood, sitting in the street, or defecating on neighbors’ lawns. I’ve told the family before that the dog went the bathroom on my lawn, and they didn’t seem concerned, so I don’t think talking to them is going to help. They don’t really bother trying to get him out of the street, and leave him out barking in the middle of the night. They’re not really committing animal cruelty, and I think reporting them would be a little extreme. But obviously the little dog is miserable, and I’m sick of cleaning up after him. Any suggestions how to handle? Thanks!

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Hi there,
I may not have a great answer to this, but this is abuse. Also, letting a dog run around unleashed is a crime in DC.

Essentially the best thing to do here is contact the owners formally. Leave a letter saying that if the dog is left out all night and continues to bark you will call animal control/the humane society. And then do it. If the dog is an obvious “breed” like mini poodle or shih tzu, there are DC metro area rescue groups that could come remove the dog without the dog having to go to an animal shelter where it could get put down.
It’s complicated but the dog will be safer with a rescue group than out in the street where it will get run over.

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