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Topic: How safe is the Brentwood neighborhood in NE?

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How safe is the Brentwood neighborhood in NE?

I am considering a six month sublet in the Brentwood neighborhood in NE. The rowhouse is located on Downing St. It’s a gorgeous home on the inside with hardwood floors and exposed brick in the sunroom. I would be renting out the basement room with private bathroom for $675 a month plus utilities. It seems like a great deal but I’m wondering how safe the neighborhood is. The lawns are well maintained and there was no trash in the street but quite a few teenagers loitering outside the evening I went to view the room. It’s a great deal and it’s only for six months but it’s not worth it if my safety will be in danger. I’m a single woman that relies on the metro so safety is definitely important. I really only know the NW part of DC so I appreciate any and all advice. Thanks!

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I don’t know that area really well (I’m further NE), but I’d be a little wary.  Will you generally be getting off Metro at RIA?  The walk from the Metro station isn’t really that friendly.  You’ll either go through the Home Depot lot which usually has a bunch of men waiting around for work.  If you take the bus or walk up RIA, you’ll still be walking past a couple of housing projects and/or the rec center (probably where the teenagers hang out).  You may want to try checking it out a a couple of different times on different days if you can.  I’d hate to talk you out of a good deal, b/c the place sounds nice, but personally, I wouldn’t want my wife to make that walk.

Is it Number 10, Downing Street?  If so the 24 police presence outside the door should be reassuring.

I live around the corner from Downing St in Brentwood, also a single female.  Where on Downing St are you looking?  The projects the above commenter referenced are up along Saratoga Ave, and I would agree that it would be best to avoid that strip at night (I’ve been through there during the day, though, and its not a problem).  I live more off the southern end of Downing, kind of near that little park.  I’ve been there nearly a year now and have never had a problem.  $675 certainly sounds like a good deal.  Safety is all relative, of course and has more to do with what you’re comfortable with than anything else, so follow your gut.  But, while I certainly keep my wits about me at night (as I would in any neighborhood in DC), I’ve never had any problems.  And, really, much of the neighborhood consists of families that have been around for awhile, so it still has a neighborhood feel.  A lot of neighbors say hello to each other and everything. 🙂  So, should you decide to move to Brentwood, welcome to the neighborhood! And make sure to say hello. 🙂  

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